Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The First Fleet

Terra Australis became known as Australia.

One of the ships of the First Fleet H.M.S. Supply.

Governor Phillip raised the flag at the landing of Sydney Cove.

Golden Grove was a First Fleet Ship.

Another word for punishment - penalty.

A flotilla of ships - fleet.

Many sailors and convicts suffered from scurvy, lack of Vitamin C.

The first convict settlement in Australia was Port Jackson.

A ball and chain restrained the convicts.

Musket is another name for rifle.

Another name for Prisoners - Convicts.

Convicts who committed a crime were transported.

The people in charge of Convicts - Guards.

The large city which has grown on the site of Port Jackson - Sydney.

First stop made by the First Fleet on their way to Botany Bay - Teneriffe.

Convicts were sentenced to transportation to the colonies.

Food supplies in the new colonies were kept in three supply ships.

The month that the fleet arrived in Botany Bay - January.

First Governor of New South Wales - Arthur Phillip.

The men in charge of the colonies were known as - Governors.

Before transportation to NSW convicts were imprisoned on hulks.

Soldiers who live on ships are called Marines.

A hardened prisoner might be sentenced to transportation for the term of his natural life.

Sydney Cove.

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Bekaa Valley, Rachaiya and Lake Quaraoun


Downtown Beirut