Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DVD Photo Slideshow

Bring Your Photos to Life
with a DVD Slideshow

Have you got scanned photos, digital photos, wedding, baby, school, family
or holiday photos, or just everyday shots?

Why not turn them into a DVD with music, captions & motion effects?

A great gift for Birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, for any occasion big or small.

You can view a short video on You Tube as an example of what you can expect, quality not so great as the files are compressed but it's just to show the variations. Click on the link to redirect you to the slideshow:

The transitions of each photo is after 3 seconds. This is just a quick example to show variety. The DVD will have 10 seconds per photo before transitions.

Prices start from - for a basic slide show with music,
captions & motion effects?

20 minutes (approximately 120 photos) - $60.00
40 minutes (approximately 240 photos) - $90.00
60 minutes (approximately 360 photos) - $120.00

Additional charge of $10.00 for DVD case
(which includes a photo of your choice)
and $6.00 each for any extra copies.

For further information please feel free to email Noelle


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baptism/Christening Candle Sculptured

Jacob's Baptism Candle

Recover Deleted Digital Photos

Ok, so my genius nephew deleted all my sons Baptism Photos out of their digital camera. Tears Tears. So I obviously resorted to google for a solution and found one.


Hands down 100% recovered our photos. SOOO HAPPY..

Head Lice Myths

Head Lice Myths

Ever experienced head lice before? Do you even know what they look like?

Here is a pic.

Head lice do not have wings nor knees so they cannot fly or jump. Head lice only CRAWL and are fast and are therefore transmitted through head to head contact.

Head lice do not live in carpets, clothes, hats or sheets, they need blood to survive. An egg needs warmth to hatch is the reason why they are laid close to the scalp. The further away from the scalp, the less likely they are to survive.

It does not matter if you have clean hair, head lice are not fussy. They don't care if hair is long, short, blonde, brown, washed this morning or last week. As long as they are warm, and have blood to drink, they are happy.

Head lice life span is 32 to 35 days.

Treating head lice

  • Concentrate on the head - there is no evidence to suggest that you need to clean the house or classroom.

  • No treatment kills all of the eggs so treatment must involve two applications seven days apart.

  • If you are using lotions, apply the product to dry hair.

  • There is no need to treat the whole family, unless they also have head lice.

  • Only the pillowcase requires specific laundering; either wash it in hot water (at least 60 degrees centigrade) or dry it using a clothes dryer on the hot or warm setting.

  • There is nothing out there that can help prevents head lice. Using the conditioner and comb method once a week will help you detect any head lice early and minimise the problem. Tying back long hair can help prevent the spread of head lice.

  • Combs with long, rounded stainless steel teeth positioned very close together have been shown to be the most effective, however, any head lice comb can be use.

Cross Stitch Completed

Here are some of my completed Cross Stitches . . .

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Factory Outlets

Have you ever wondered where all the Factory Outlets are in Sydney!

Check out this link and some others I came across:

If you know of any others lets share the love and post them in the comments section.

Enjoy shopping!

Activity Worksheets for Children

I will be continually posting links to websites that provide Activity Sheets for Children to keep them entertained when they feel like a challenge, my daughter is constantly looking for something to do so here are some websites that provide activity sheets for all ages:

Secretarial Services

Are you Understaffed? Do you have full time secretarial needs but only a part time budget?

Wouldn't it be great to have a part time secretary with all the skills and experience of a full time secretary?

I am seeking a contract work at home secretarial position working for a company or individual who does not want to hire an in-house employee where the company or individual and I can benefit from one another. The company or individual will save money by hiring my service and I will in turn be making a steady income from home. I have all the equipment necessary to perform this type of service.

The hourly rate for my services is negotiable.

Some skills and Abilities:
  • Get things done and handle a variety of tasks EFFICIENTLY;
  • Organise my time and complete tasks quickly and ACCURATELY;
  • Work very well independently, am an ambitious SELF-STARTER;
  • Have extremely good people skills;
  • Am super Conscientious;
  • Will turn in work that is neat and picture perfect;
  • Am a skilled typist - 80 words per minute, 98% accuracy;
  • Am thorough in Record Keeping;
  • Show painstaking attention to Detail;
  • I have a strong and very competent secretarial background;
  • I have worked as a Secretary, Administration Officer, Personal Assistant in a variety of areas, including Accounting, Financial Planning, Real Estate and Law Firms.
Services Offered:

- Word Processing/Typing

- Business Letters

- Contracts

- Data Entry

- Legal Documents

- Manuals

- Memos

- Newsletters

- Proposals

- Reports

- Schedules

- Training Documents

- Preparation of spreadsheet reports

- MYOB Data Entry

- Straight Copy Typing

- Bulk Mailing

- Calender Schedule and Maintenance

- Personal Reminders

- Scheduling Meetings

- Power Point Presentations

If you are looking for this type of service please contact:

Noelle Haddad