Sunday, May 10, 2009

Secretarial Services

Are you Understaffed? Do you have full time secretarial needs but only a part time budget?

Wouldn't it be great to have a part time secretary with all the skills and experience of a full time secretary?

I am seeking a contract work at home secretarial position working for a company or individual who does not want to hire an in-house employee where the company or individual and I can benefit from one another. The company or individual will save money by hiring my service and I will in turn be making a steady income from home. I have all the equipment necessary to perform this type of service.

The hourly rate for my services is negotiable.

Some skills and Abilities:
  • Get things done and handle a variety of tasks EFFICIENTLY;
  • Organise my time and complete tasks quickly and ACCURATELY;
  • Work very well independently, am an ambitious SELF-STARTER;
  • Have extremely good people skills;
  • Am super Conscientious;
  • Will turn in work that is neat and picture perfect;
  • Am a skilled typist - 80 words per minute, 98% accuracy;
  • Am thorough in Record Keeping;
  • Show painstaking attention to Detail;
  • I have a strong and very competent secretarial background;
  • I have worked as a Secretary, Administration Officer, Personal Assistant in a variety of areas, including Accounting, Financial Planning, Real Estate and Law Firms.
Services Offered:

- Word Processing/Typing

- Business Letters

- Contracts

- Data Entry

- Legal Documents

- Manuals

- Memos

- Newsletters

- Proposals

- Reports

- Schedules

- Training Documents

- Preparation of spreadsheet reports

- MYOB Data Entry

- Straight Copy Typing

- Bulk Mailing

- Calender Schedule and Maintenance

- Personal Reminders

- Scheduling Meetings

- Power Point Presentations

If you are looking for this type of service please contact:

Noelle Haddad


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