Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DVD Photo Slideshow

Bring Your Photos to Life
with a DVD Slideshow

Have you got scanned photos, digital photos, wedding, baby, school, family
or holiday photos, or just everyday shots?

Why not turn them into a DVD with music, captions & motion effects?

A great gift for Birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, for any occasion big or small.

You can view a short video on You Tube as an example of what you can expect, quality not so great as the files are compressed but it's just to show the variations. Click on the link to redirect you to the slideshow:

The transitions of each photo is after 3 seconds. This is just a quick example to show variety. The DVD will have 10 seconds per photo before transitions.

Prices start from - for a basic slide show with music,
captions & motion effects?

20 minutes (approximately 120 photos) - $60.00
40 minutes (approximately 240 photos) - $90.00
60 minutes (approximately 360 photos) - $120.00

Additional charge of $10.00 for DVD case
(which includes a photo of your choice)
and $6.00 each for any extra copies.

For further information please feel free to email Noelle


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