Friday, August 13, 2010

Foods to avoid when pregnant

  • Raw seafood (such as oysters, sushi and sashimi) or cold cooked prawns);
  • Soft cheeses such as blue, brie, camembert, feta and ricotta (these are safe if cooked and served hot);
  • Cold meats(deli and pre-packed);
  • Smoked seafood such as smoked salmon, smoked oysters (although canned smoked oysters are safe);
  • Pate;
  • Refrigerated foods that are past their ‘use by’ or ‘best before’ dates;
  • Deli chickenTakeaway cooked and diced chicken (such as in chicken sandwiches from the deli);
  • Unpasteurised dairy products Unpasteurised milk or food made from unpasteurised milk.;
  • Pre-prepared salads or stored salads;

Safe food to eat when pregnant
Even though you do need to be careful, you don’t need to rule out all meat, seafood, chicken and salad.

These foods are ok:

* Food fully cooked to ‘steaming’ hot and eaten hot (eat meat well done, not rare)
* Freshly prepared salads (wash fruit and vegetables well before using them, store any leftovers immediately in the fridge and eat within a day)
* Home-cooked chicken (store any leftovers in the fridge straight away and eat hot within one day)
* Freshly cooked seafood
* Hard cheese, processed cheese, cheese spreads, plain cream cheese, plain cottage cheese
* Home-cooked cold meat eaten within 24 hours of cooking
* Pasteurised dairy products (milk, yoghurt, custard, packaged frozen ice-cream)
* Canned foods

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